Central Virginia Equestrian Properties

If you’re interested in Central Virginia Equestrian Properties, you’re sure to find many different styles from which to choose. There are horse farms available in multiple sizes and price ranges in the Central Virginia region. For example, you can find residential equestrian properties that range in size from just 15 acres to over 2,300 acres. There are equestrian farms available that were built as recently as the 1990s, and as long ago as the eighteenth century. Various types and sizes of houses can be found to suit a broad range of budgets.

One thing you’ll find in common among all Central Virginia Horse Properties available is the rustic natural beauty of the area. Quiet woods and sloping hills abound, set against a backdrop of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. Numerous creeks and rivers wind through the region, offering diverse riding trails and fishing and boating opportunities. There are also many resources for horse lovers in the region, including various trails and open riding areas, plus an abundance of lush meadows for grazing.

Horse lovers will revel in all the attractions and activities that are easily accessible from the Central Virginia region. For example, the Central Virginia Show Jumping Association hosts shows every month from April to September, while thoroughbred racing events take place all day and night from June 15 to August 7 at the Colonial Downs race track in Kent. Countless horse shows are held in the region during the spring and summer months, including Culpepper’s Horse Shows in the Sun and Commonwealth National in April. The shows feature hunter, jumper and show competitions in six all-weather rings. The Upperville Colt & Horse Show, held in June, is the oldest hunters’ and jumpers’ show in the United States. Up-and-coming riders may choose to participate in the Warrenton Pony Show, an A-rated USEF junior/amateur hunter horse show.

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